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Don Edwards



don2.gif (73668 bytes)Although new to the business, Don Edwards grew up an Elvis fan. He has an incredible likeness and his vocals are second to none. Don loves performing the early years of Elvis Career and the Movie Years.
Don is from Houston Texas but is available for all types of shows nationwide.

Don grew up in Texas most of his life originally from Des Moines,lakewinnergreatpic.jpg (34023 bytes) Iowa. Don has got one of the closest vocals to the King you'll ever hear, and it doesn't hurt that his looks are so uncanny to the 1950's Elvis as well. Most recently Don entered the Lake Theater's "Elvis Contest" and took 1st place,  receiving over 90% 1st place votes. Audience members were bedazzled by his Elvis presence he brought to the stage and performance. The audience cheered over the vocals on his version of "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You", many audience members talked his voice's sound and quality being of that of Elvis himself, one audience member said "he's the closest I've ever seen or heard to Elvis and I've seen a lot of guys do Elvis, none of them compare to that Don Edwards". But the audience roared and were on their feet during and after his unbelievable performance of "Hound Dog" the women screamed and cheered him as he went dancing across the stage as only Elvis knew how.. As an Elvis Contestant said of his performance "It was like watching Elvis right in front of you", "it's just a matter of Time before the world sees him, Hollywood is next for that guy."

Next for Don Edwards is the LadyLuck Music Showcase 2002 in Montreal,Canada on Sept.13th and Sept.14th 2002. Don will perform for the First time outside the United States, and is looking forward to entertaining the Montreal audience.